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Wow! What a way to end our final week before the half term break!

On Monday, we started off our week by raising awareness and support for NSPCC number day. Our Maths lesson today was based all around making numbers fun! We had so many activities in year 4. Children were able to complete detective mysteries to find who had stolen the chocolate from the factory, we had number top trumps, timestable games and matching games just to name a few. In English, we looked explored whether speech was direct or indirect as our starter. Our main focus of the lesson was re-telling story. So we took an aspect of our Firework Maker's Daughter book and retold it through the use of a comic strip or story board. We were aiming to get the main points across in only 6 paragraphs to help us organise our ideas. In the afternoon, we had the iPads. As we had such a busy week last week, we had not been able to explore internet safety. So this week we used the Google game called 'Interland' to help the children to become more aware of the online world.

On Tuesday, we had another PowerMaths lesson focused on mixed correspondence. We had to see how many ways we could create combinations of outfits and toys. In the afternoon, we then had our usual music lesson and practised our singing to ensure we were ready for the concert.

Wednesday was obviously a little different for Year 4. In the morning, we worked on our studywork books. We then had an early lunch so we would be ready to leave school on time. We got on our coach and made our way the Manchester Arena to take part in the world's biggest choir concert! Over 6000 children were taking part. The children sang beautiful and it was a truly magical experience for them to be a part of. Those children who didn't join us on this trip, stayed in Year 5 and created some Lowry inspired art work based on Chinese landscapes. We shared what they had done with the rest of the class the next day!

On our last day of the term, we had a relaxing morning as we were all a little tired after the excitement of last night. We started our day with a little more studywork. We then focused on writing a setting description in English which will be used as the opening paragraph to our story when we return after half term. The children were given an example and allowed to choose 5 small phrases/words which they would include in their own work. To help gather ideas, we looked at pictures of jungles to help word bank and inspire some exciting vocabulary. We then wrote our opening paragraph.

In the afternoon, Year 4 explored where the most dangerous volcanoes in the world are located. We used Atlases the locate the volcanoes and recorded their location on our own maps. We also used a fantastic website to look at where the most active volcanoes are currently in the world. It even gave us information based on when the last activity occurred and aerial views of the volcanoes.
Take a look at home: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/volcano-map.html

I hope everyone has a lovely and peaceful rest over half term.

Miss Welch

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