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Year 1's Science Week

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We loved Science Week in year 1. Every day the children were asking "What science are we learning today?" We planted sunflower seeds to grow giant sunflowers in our garden. After reading Jack and the Beanstalk we planted our own beans and learnt the science word 'observing'. We have been observing the seeds since and looking for changes. Harry S' seed has split today so we are hoping to see a few shoots very soon. I wonder whose bean stalk will be the first to reach the castle?

We also made predictions when we put a marshmallow in different liquids, including Coca Cola, oil, water and milk. What happened to the marshmallows? We also had lots of fun with Spider Balls which changed shape, colour and texture when we put them into water. We are still having lots of fun with them in the classroom over a week later.

Alongside our geography work where we are learning about continents and where animals come from, one of the children asked the question "How do penguins stay warm?" We learnt all about blubber and tried our own blubber experiment. The children put their hands in cold water and then tried it with a protective covering and they found out they could keep their hand in the water for longer. Freya said "I could keep my hand in all day!"

And last but not least, we had a visit from Elsa who had frozen lots of animals, footballers and chicks. Luckily the year 1 scientists were on hand to work out what might help to melt the ice and set them free. We used salt, water and washing powder. What was the best at melting the ice?

Thank you to Miss Shelley and all your hard work in year 1. It was your final day on Friday and we hope you will pop in soon to see us.

Thank you for your homework so far. They are fantastic and will form part of our animals display. We will be sharing them throughout the week. Thank you to Mr Bryan for being our mystery reader last week. If any mums or dads, grandma or granddads would like to be our mystery reader on a Wednesday afternoon, please email the office or send me a 'top secret' note and I will put your name down.

Mrs Rogers

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