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Year 1 News- Half term completed!

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Wow can you believe that the first half term together has come to an end. Where does the time go to?
In English this week we have had such an exciting week. It all started on Monday morning when we had some breaking news come through on our Wybunbury News. We found out that Dave the hundred decker bus driver had gone...MISSING. We all wanted to find him so we decided that we would create some missing posters. However, as you mentioned it was important that we described him on the poster so people knew who they were looking for. We played some description games such as 'eye spy' but using adjectives and we created some super sentences to describe Dave. We then looked at the structure of a missing poster and created our very own. These were amazing and you really showed off the skills that you had learnt already in year 1. If that wasn't enough drama for one week we then had some more breaking news and we found out that the naughty bus was WANTED for driving through Mrs VR'S lunch. WHAT A NAUGHTY BUS! You then created another poster but this time it would be a wanted poster so we had to look at the differences from a missing poster to a wanted poster. Your writing has been incredible this week and your enthusiasm for English is continuing to grow each day. Remember to keep a look out for Dave and that very naughty bus.....
In maths once again you have made me very proud. We are now becoming very confident with adding single unit numbers together. You are trying really hard to use your concrete resources and the different ways I have shown you to add numbers whilst answering the questions in your power maths book. I love how you all join in on the carpet especially during the discover section where you are linking your mathematical skills to real-life situations. We have also looked at our number bonds to ten this week and will continue to do some more work on this next term. Can you show your parents the number bond song that we were using on you tube?
In science we completed our materials topic with a material quiz. You all enjoyed being the quiz masters and answering the questions. It was lovely to see how much science knowledge you have retained and how you are using our scientific language to describe the properties of different materials. We then started our new topic which is seasons. We named the four seasons and decided that we are now in autumn. We went on a walk around school to see if we could spot any of the signs of Autumn. We are incredibly lucky to have such a great outdoor space at Wybunbury Delves that we could use to explore. We had lots of fun spotting the signs and playing with the leaves. We had a discussion about why some tree's had leaves that were changing colour and some leaves that were still green. Finn reminded us that Evergreen trees never lose their leaves and their leaves don't change colour but deciduous trees do. We really enjoyed our walk in the fresh air whilst becoming seasonal detectives.
In R.E we finished our topic of good news. We created our own books to re-tell a good news parable that Jesus would tell. We either picked the Good Samaritan or the story of the two builders. I liked how much you remembered from each story and how you knew the underlying meaning of each story. You also told me how the stories were important to Christians.
During computing this week, we continued our work on the app pic collage where you worked with your partners to create your own poster that you did in your English work. You learnt the skill of taking pictures from a book and then uploading it onto your collage, how to change the background and how to add text.
In art this week we finished the topic of canal art by creating your own canal boat names. We looked at how Rosie and Jim's canal boat is called 'Ragdoll' and how they put that they are from Birmingham. Some of your own suggestions for canal names were: ' the shark bite, the Rosie and Jim, Turning wheels and The Harry Potter.' You used water colours for your background and then wrote your canal name with pen.
On Monday afternoon with Mrs Swan and Mrs Clinton, you did some work on using your fingers to count on and back. You did some speaking and listening exercises whilst discussing what you did at the weekend. You then put these sentences into a little book which you took home with you. In music you sang through some of your favourite songs from this half term. Our sewing with Mrs Clinton is coming on brilliantly with children really concentrating and using tiny pixie stitches. I love what you have created with Mrs Clinton and I know you are so eager for her to do more sewing with you as you enjoy it so much.
During our busy week we have focused on Pumpkin Heroes and how we celebrate God's light and love for everyone. We have practiced a song, we carved our own pumpkin at home and in class, we dressed up for Pumpkin Heroes Day and we donated money to World Vision. It was lovely to see you all listening and singing to the songs in worship whilst lighting our own pumpkins to show God's love.
We finished our final week of this half term with a celebration show and tell. We had two children receive a certificate for their dedication and support in the daily mile. We listened to the Naughty Bus' adventure at Rosa's house and now the naughty bus has gone home with our new superstar of the week. We then finished our week watching Y2's lovely worship of kindness and friendship.
Thank you so much Year 1 for making my first term at Wybunbury Delves so amazing and wonderful. Your homework for this half term break is to rest A LOT and enjoy each day with your families. You have all worked extremely hard and as I always say you continue to blow my socks off every single day.
Stay safe and enjoy!
Miss Haynes

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