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It's a bus! Let's play!!!!
To kick start one of our busiest weeks in our school year we started the week with English by finishing our story maps that we had started to create last week. These story maps are amazing and it has really helped you to retell the story of the naughty bus. Each day we have concentrated on a different part of the story so that we could retell in it our own words. I was so proud of the independent writing you did and how you used our resources in our classroom to help you with your writing. You are now all really good at story writing and trying to re-tell it back to your friends using expression. Miss McCurrie was so proud with your writing she gave us new English books which have come from year 2. I was mega proud to have a year 1 class using year 2 English books and I knew how excited you all were too! We have been learning about how we can make our writing smaller to make sure we fit it all on our new lines and where to put all of our letters on the line so that our writing is the neatest it can be. During SPAG this week we concentrated on capital letters in place names. We created a list of all the places the naughty bus and the hundred decker bus could go to but unfortunately Miss Haynes forgot all her capital letters...OH NO! So you were all very good at re-writing the list and putting the capital letters in the correct place. I knew you could all help me! During handwriting practice this week, we concentrated on some of our tall letters and we used our read write inc handwriting phrases to help us write our letters. Your handwriting is beautiful!
During maths this week we put our knowledge of addition and subtraction together to help work out fact families. We have all found this very difficult but your resilience and effort is brilliant. We have used lots of concrete resources to help shape our understanding. You have been using yourselves, counters, ten frames and part-part whole models to work out the fact families. You know that when we work out fact families we use the same three numbers to solve four number sums. You understand that when we add our numbers the number in the whole always goes last and when we subtract numbers the number in the whole always goes first. Confusing, right? Next week we will practice this more so that we can start to do it more independently.
During RE we continued to look at when Mary was visited by the angel. Lots of you came to the front to role-play this part in front of the class which was very brave. We focused on what was said between Angel Gabriel and Mary and what this meant. We knew that this was good news. We talked about why it's good news and what this part teaches us about Jesus. You came up with some lovely ideas e.g. Jesus is the son of God, the baby is going to be special and Mary is Jesus' mum. We then went to our tables and wrote in speech bubbles about what the Angel said to Mary.
In History this week you looked at different types of transport and when they were invented and who some of these inventors were. You looked at the differences and similarities between the types of transport when they were first invented and what they look like now. You looked at what timelines are and why they help us to put history into chronological order. You then created your own timelines so that you could chronologically order when different types of transport were invented.
On Friday we started our D&T topic. Thank you to everyone who brought their favourite type of transport in. We looked at lots of different types of transport and what they were used for. Your ideas that you came up with were brilliant and it was lovely to see how all of you got involved with the class discussion. I think we really like our transport themed topic. We looked at the features of vehicles and how they are all different to each other. We named each vehicle, said what they were used for, counted how many wheels they had and labelled any other features they may have. It was lovely to listen in to the conversations you were having on your tables about your favourite type of transport and why it was your favourite. Great work team!
Now in all of our learning time we also had a very busy week!
On Monday we spent a lot of time focusing on Remembrance Day. We watched a video about how poppies are made and why we wear them. We talked about the soldiers who we remember and how they must have felt when they went out to war and how they would have felt when it ended. We also spoke about how we remember all of the soldiers and the soldiers that are still fighting for our country now. We joined the whole school at 11 O'clock on the playground to pay our respects to our soldiers.
Every Monday we join in with mindfulness activities that focus on our mental health and wellbeing. This week with Mrs. Swan you did an activity where you focused on kindness and using the correct words. You all drew a picture of yourself and then everyone wrote some kind and positive words on your picture.
During our anti-bullying and keeping safe week we started the week by focusing on the feelings of anger. We discussed that it is okay to feel angry. We are only human and this is a feeling that we all will feel. We thought about what makes us feel angry and where we feel this anger. We then realised how we deal with our anger is the most important thing as this cannot only hurt other people but ourselves too. We then made a list of how we can cope with our anger and what we should when we feel angry. I think it helped us all to talk about this as some of us thought being angry is not normal and we shouldn't feel like this. We then concentrated on families and how all families are different. We used the 'The family book' by Todd Parr to help teach us about different families and how none of our families will be the same. You then used the pictures in the book to create your own which are now displayed by the side of Mrs. Chester's office. Your acceptance towards diversity and being different made me so proud. We also had a lovely visit from PC. Nick who explained how we can be safe on the roads as a passenger or a pedestrian.
Thank you to everyone for dressing up for children in need and for your generous donations that were given. We all really enjoyed joining the whole school in the hall for Joe Wickes 'big morning move' which was streamed live. After all that moving around we enjoyed a treat from the cake stall.
It's been a very busy week and you all worked so hard! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Next week we will have another busy week with our theme day on Tuesday and our worship on Friday at 2.45. On Tuesday for our theme day it is a non-school uniform day for Y1 where you can dress up in anything that has transport on or in the colours of the union jack flag. Any donations for our royal tea party would be greatly appreciated. I am very excited for my first ever theme day and I hope you are too!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Haynes.

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