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Another busy week has flown by!
As Dani and Mamo (The Garbage King) head for the streets of Addis Ababa, we have explored the lives of street children through various writings and forms.
We have looked closely at a painting by Joey Valesco called 'Jesus and the street children' and compared it to 'The Last Supper' by Leonardo Da Vinci. We watched a short video, where the artist explained how he came to paint the work and then how, a year later, he tracked down each of the eleven children he'd photographed for his painting, to find out about their lives as street children. It was a very humbling and thought provoking film to watch.
As a music focus, we listened to 'We're the survivors, the black survivors' by Bob Marley, a song referred to in our story, and have created our own lyrics with the title 'We're the survivors, the street survivors'.
Each of the class were giving the task of choosing a way of representing the theme of Street children in their own, individual way and presented an amazing and very moving performance on Wednesday!
We are also developing our art work from last week by now creating our own Street child painting for our Study Work Book front cover.
Maths focussed on quadrilaterals and we came up with questions to investigate. Lots of fantastic mathematical talk and hypothesising! We can talk about parallel sides, opposites and adjacent as well as acute and obtuse angles and name and identify by property some key quadrilaterals. Next week, we're onto 3D shapes at Sam's request! We did really well with our 4x and 8x tables. We're working on the 7 x table next week!
We had a fantastic visit to both the World Museum and the Walker Art Gallery on Thursday! We found lots of wonderful things to look at and talk about in the Cultures Gallery and even had time to pop into the Magical World exhibition to see Harry Potter's broomstick! In the Walker Art Gallery, we looked at classical sculptures, chatted to a retired gentleman about his pencil drawings and got a few tips about how to start figure drawing, experienced modern art and some of the more typical oil paintings and works in the collections. Jo wasn't taken by the blue painting, Maddie and I looked at the Two geese painting for a while with Charles and Daisy and decided that while it was very simple it was memorable! Daisy and Charles disagreed over a busy, modern art painting...but that's art! But we all agreed we'd had a fantastic time and then it was home for the Christmas Fayre...phew... what a busy day!

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