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Y3 Weekly News

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This week we've been Spy-bot-programmers, desert detectives and we even had the chance to share our class worship...

In Maths this week we refreshed our column methods and particularly focused upon column subtraction when we need to steal tens and hundreds and sometimes both! We then moved on to approximation and we used our knowledge of hundreds numbers to approximately answer questions! On Friday we had a lesson dedicated to bar modelling, in which we used the model to answer a range of addition/subtraction problems! Well done, team!

In SPaG this week, we recapped some previous learning using our CPG books — homophones and apostrophes were explored and we worked in teams to answer our booklets!
In English this week our task was to describe being in a desert. We used the 5 senses, videos and pictures to build an amazing word bank and phrases we could use in our writing! We then had a competition, with Miss Holland and Mr Dale each having their own writing teams! We completed a shared write full of exciting sentences starters, amazing adjectives and even some super similes! On Wednesday we wrote our own versions and described our deserts in great detail! Well done, everybody!

In Book Club we took the time to share some non-fiction texts about deserts as a whole class. We were able to discuss geographical terminology and learn some key facts in the process. Who can remember which desert is the world's biggest?

During Mindful Monday we spent time meditating in the hall, focusing upon our breathing in the process. We also continued our Daily Mile challenges this week!

On Wednesday we had the treat of Hi-Impact coming into school to help us programme using LEGO, yes, you heard that right, LEGO! We became master-builders using the LEGOweDO app and connected motors and sensors to our creation. We used the iPad app to programme our Lego models and in doing so created moving windmills, spy robots and even a rotating satellite! Well done, Y3! Check out our 'Robot Week 2019' post for more pictures/details!

In Geography we started our new unit on deserts! We started by locating Egypt on a world map and along the way we labelled the continents, oceans and the equator. We discussed the equator and used some posh geography language such as 'northern and southern hemisphere'! We also learnt some key facts through numbers. What do the numbers, 5, 7, 9, 54 and 195 all mean!? We then moved on to locating deserts on the world map. We learnt that deserts can be hot or cold and are defined by their lack of precipitation! We used a website called https://lizardpoint.com/geography/world-deserts-quiz.php to help us locate the world's deserts! We plotted these onto a map of our own — making sure to identify the continents too!

In Science this week we started our brand new learning all about rocks. We used the pyramids as our inspiration and also thought about rocks in everyday life! We moved on grouping rocks into sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. Can you remember which type is which?

Throughout the week we made time to practise our class worship, which was all about last half term's learning. It was great to share this with parents on Friday and end on a high! Well done for your fantastic singing and loud speaking voices!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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