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Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School

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During our first week back after half term, we have been stop motion animators, prime minister persuaders and Google Earthers...

In Maths this week we finished our unit on time. We started the week by recapping our knowledge and it was great to see lots of children wearing watches! Keep it up! We talked about start and end times and ways in which we could find durations! We then moved on to thinking about how we could use 2 steps to help us with calculating the duration of times that cross an 'O'Clock' time! Using our interactive clocks we mastered the art of counting a minute in seconds and then used this to answer a range of questions! On Friday, we worked in pairs to complete a series of arithmetic and reasoning problems! Well done, team! Our next focus will be on angles and properties of shape.

In Book Club we focused upon a playscript text. We identified key features and discussed stage directions. We then completed comprehension questions! Throughout the week we have also been quiet reading, with lots of children now finishing their second or maybe even third reading diary!

In English this week we decided it was time to help the environment once and for all. We heard there is going to be a new prime minister and so we set out to write a letter persuading them to stop people dropping litter. Firstly, we thought about what facts could help back up our arguments and so used the iPads to gather research! Did you know it costs £1 billion pounds to clean up litter in the UK each year!? We then thought about our introduction, knowing that they had to be clear, polite and let the future prime minister know what we were writing about. We then got to work on using our facts to help with our persuasive writing in our second paragraph! After that we began thinking of ways that we could stop the litter bugs, we again used research to help us. Ideas include: bins in cars, money back for bottles and even bigger fines for litters! Next week we will write up our third paragraph and finish our letters.

In Geography this week we started our new unit on 'Enough for Everyone?' We will be considering a side of human geography which looks into the future and what we can do to sustain the earth. We started by thinking about what is most important to live, we completed pyramids of importance to show this. We then spoke about 'resources' and how that they can run out if not 'sustainable'. This quickly led us on to discussing big cities and we spoke about different types of settlements and the resources they require. We now know all about hamlets, villages, towns and cities. We finished by building Wybunbury from Lego, including post office, school and church! On Wednesday we looked at where electricity comes from and the different types of power stations. We decided on which power stations were 'renewable or nonrenewable'. We then located UK stations using the Google Earth, take a look at our video above...

In French we recapped on last half terms' knowledge and soon realised that we can now have conversations in french! We added a new phrase on Thursday which was, 'quel âge as-tu?' Which translates to how old are you? We could answer by saying J'ai sept ans or j'ai huit ans! We then had full blown french conversations including hellos, names, ages and goodbyes! Fantastic stuff, Y3!

In Computing we started our nw unit on stop motion animation. We spoke about what it was and quickly realised that some of our favourite characters and stop animated — including Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep! We watched a 'making of' video to show us the skill in making stop animation. We then used an app called 'Stop Motion' to practise taking short burst camera pictures to make mini stop motion videos. My favourite were 'Save the Ocean' and 'Traffic Lights in Love' (Don't ask)!

We also had a Y3/4 football match on Friday to honour Lewis' memory and to raise money for Team Lewis Trust. The might Y3 battled hard against a courageous Y4 and WON! 4-2 was the score and everybody played brilliantly. It was also lovely to hear all the chanting on the sidelines too!

Please remember that it is Topic Day on Thursday and our school visit on Friday.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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