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This week we have been ship captains, historical researchers and even squeezed in time to become Ed Sheeran!

In English this week we wrapped up our diary writing focus. This week we have been writing a diary as though we are the captain of our very own ship! We thought up our own ship names and even the crew that we would take along. We sailed to Australia to find lost gold mines, voyaged to Brazil to find hidden gold and of course ventured to Neverland to take on the pirates in search of the infamous Nevergold! The children were able to produce brilliant diary writes over a 4 day write! Each day the children spoke about their emotions and activities whilst out at sea and encountered some tough times along the way! Sea monsters, pirates and huge swirling storms all featured in our diary writes! Past tense ed words, speech, adjectives and adverbial phrases were used throughout and it was wonderful to see all the children so excited to share their work! Well done Y3!

In Maths our focus switched onto the x8 tables this week. We spoke about the relationship between the x4 and the x8s. Children were able to make the links very well! We looked at grouping our tables and drew different representations. We also did lots of practical work this week too! We built our x8s through lego, cubes, cones and even dice! Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2Y_3WZFCo4

This week we also had a focus on arithmetic (quick mental maths) problems and discussed the best methods to solve these questions! On Wednesday/Thursday we counted in 50s and 100s and recapped the bar model and also checked out arrays! Phew! Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU6mlrd_xNk.11(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU6mlrd_xNk
In Book Club this week we used the time to help us with our brand new history topic (explorers!). We read two informational texts about two different sailors. Firstly, we read all about a man called Christopher Columbus, we learnt about his life story and why we still talk about him today! We answered questions too! We then looked at Captain James Cook and read information relating to him. We were then too able to answer lots of comprehension questions on the famous navigator! This also helped us out in our English too!

As we had already got a good feel for our new history topic in Book Club, we were very excited to look further into the life of a sailor/explorer in our history lesson this week. We got into teams and role played the life of Christopher Columbus. We were able to portray his life through drama and teamwork, well done!

In coding this week we used both Kodable and Code Studio to debug algorithms, plan sequences and create code, well done!

In music this week we wrapped up our X8 tables song! Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran has been transformed by the children this week into a song all about the x8 tables! The children worked very hard to sing just like Ed! it will be uploaded shortly!

We also made a bit of time for study work this week. We managed to complete our Captain Hook page, which now has a brilliant Hook description and an amazing 3D virtual reality Hook jumping out of our page, we can't wait to show parents! We also made a start on our music/maths page. We've now done 3 songs to the x3, x4 and x8 times tables! We wanted to create a page to showcase them! Through QR codes we were able to back card using the strimmer ourselves!

On Friday we went through our homework and completed our spellings. We also practised our arithmetic skills and had a go at a quiz! The children were brilliant at answering different questions!

It will be our class worship next Thursday (2:45pm — 3pm), we hope to see you there!

Have a brilliant weekend,

Mr Dale

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