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Y3 Weekly News

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This week we have been website wizards, fossil fact-finders and three-time-tablers...

In Book Club this week we continued to quiet read and get lost in some of our favourite reading books. On Friday we completed our reading comprehension quiz, we all worked super hard to answer lots of questions on three different texts, well done!

In SPaG this week our focus was on prefixes. We looked at the prefixes, 'sub, mis, dis and un'. We matched up root words to their prefixes and recapped the fact that a prefix changes the meaning to root words like 'known, dress, obey, understand and marine! We completed sentence work and had a go at a tricky word search to consolidate our learning throughout the week!
In English we watched a brilliant clip from the Literacy Shed. It was all about an archaeologist finding a very strange item near the Great Pyramid! Check it out: https://www.literacyshed.com/the-egyptian-pyramids.html
We recapped last week's learning of diary writing and remembered the key features such as the past tense, dear diary, adverbs, emotions and the style of a diary! This helped us write another diary from the point of view of the archaeologist! We reordered the story and thought about how we'd be feeling throughout and this led us to write some amazing diary writes full of past tense words, adverbs and amazing adjectives — well done, gang!

In Maths this week our new focus was on the x3 times tables. We worked hard to speak in full maths sentences and used maths language to help us explain our answers! We looked at equal groups, the x3 table facts and how we can use division to check our answers! Well done, Y3! We also spent time singing our song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5tMNu2SpHM. Sing it along at home to learn the threes!
Next week we are moving onto the x4 tables and we will continue to use drawings, arrays, number sentences and repeated addition to represent these tables!

In Computing this week we became the future Zuckerburgs by continuing to create our very own websites! This week we added in hyperlinks to virtual tombs and linked in youTube videos to help bring our Egpytian websites to life! We can't wait to share them very soon!

In Science this week, we once again recapped our Starburst experiment — using our word wall words! We all remembered the three rock types and the changes between them! We then thought about the question: 'How do we know dinosaurs were real?'. The answer: FOSSILS! We learnt about the fossilisation process and the stages involved. We found out that fossils can only form in sedimentary rocks! We put the stages in order and watch videos to consolidate our new learning!

In Geography this week we recapped our desert learning through the use of art. We each had a blank world map whereby we had to locate some of the world's biggest deserts. We located the Arabian, Sahara, Arctic and Antarctic deserts! We used watercolour to identify this and then to demonstrate whether a desert was a hot or a cold desert, we used either white paint or sand! We can't wait to add to these and use them for Study Work!

In Art this week we learnt about Egpytian cartouches. We started by researching what and why they were used. We quickly found out that they were symbols used by important people (usually pharaohs) that were carved into tomb walls. The oval symbols acted as a nametag and we just had to have a go at sketching our own! We used our sketchbooks and sketching pencils to create our own cartouches — using a hieroglyphic alphabet decoder to help us!

In Music this week, we continued to work with Miss Holland on our Egyptian songs. We added instruments and incorporated our dances this week! We can't wait to film them soon!

In R.E this week, we continued to compare the nativity stories of Luke and Matthew. We used the two versions to highlight key differences and similarities! It was interesting to view both versions and how these impact Christians today.

During Mindful Monday this week we spent time to think about others. We wandered around the room writing nice things about others. 'Funny, friendly and caring' were just some of the comments made! What a thoughtful class we are! We also continued to complete our Daily Mile goals this week, well done!

Please remember that next Thursday is our Topic Day (the children can dess up in all things Egyptian!) and next Friday is our visit to the theatre!

Have a fantastic weekend,

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