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Y3 Happy Half-Term News

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This week we have been artists, scientific investigators and speech writing experts!

In English this week we continued our focus on story writing. We started the week by editing our previous stories and we created ourown checklists to see which writing devices we included in our writing but also to check for things that we missed. Adjectives, adverbs, fronted adverbials and similes were all part of our language toolkit this week. We started by planning our story and thought about how we needed to think about our characters. Settings, plots, problems and solutions. We were given a writing stimulus (a tree with a mysterious hole in it) and from here we were able to let or imagniations flow. Secret passages, trap doors and magic elevators all led our characters to end up in Neverland on a quest or journey. The children wrote about lost mermaid gold, fighting pirates and even climbing Skull Rock! The stories were filled with amazing adjectives, awesome adverbs, fantastic fronted adverbials and super similes. We also had a big focus on speech this week an the important rules we need to remember when writing speech within our stories. We dedicated a whole spelling session to this skill too! Whereby we used our Y3/4 words to create speech!

In Maths this week we rounded off our unit on addition and subtraction. I've been really impressed by how everyone is taking onboard all the new learning and challenges with a 'no give up' attitude! We've introduced column methods, part whole models and even the bar model during our unit and it was fantastic to see the children showcase their newly learnt skills through their assessment on Friday! Throughout the week we talked about the importance of making mistakes and that a mistake can help you learn. Check out our YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUQPD4ze0kc
Well done, guys!

In Book Club this week we tackled a text called "The Broken Window" which was the short story about a grumpy old man and his broken window. Children discussed the words: ramshackle, furious, perhaps, forbidden and abandoned and lots of them were able to use them in their writing this week too! Throughout the week we completed comprehension questions, played reading games, read quietly and also completed our handwriting with Mrs Van Russelt.

In Science we investigated rocks with Starbursts! That's right! We used sweets to build rocks and talk about the science behind them. New vocabulary was used like igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary, heat and pressure! Our YouTube video shows our experiment in action!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqUigWF8_nc

In Computing this week we tried out a brand new coding app. It is called Kodable! The children improved their computational thinking in the app whilst completing step by step code. Children used algorithms to programme their Kodable characters across the different planets and worlds! Children were also able to talk about 'broken code' and debug using their problem solving skills! Very impressive, Y3!

As mentioned early our week has been full of art opportunities. It started with us creating our very own pop up Sarcosuchus jaw! This stretches wide open when we open up our study workbook! We then mixed paint to create the perfect Sarcosuchus colour and used our templates to carefully create our super-croc! We added details like the scales too! We also sketched a crocodile's eye (which resembles that of a Sarcosuchus), we were careful on adding details and when using the sketching pencils to add shade and depth we ensured that our grip was lighter!

In R.E we completed our assessments in which we created a picture all around our good news story called Jesus Calms the Storm. We used oil pastels to create a stormy impactful picture, we were careful to blend our colours together too! We finished our piece by thinking about what the good news in our story was and how we can use that good news today! Children were very thoughtful and reflective in their approach to the task! Well done!

All that's left to say now is I hope you have a fantastic half term break and I cannot wait to get started again after next week! I can't wait to hear all of your amazing adventures and I look forward to hearing them!

Mr Dale

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