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Year 4 News!

In our English lessons this week, Year 4 have been writing gathering facts and information for...


Year 4 News!

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In our English lessons this week, Year 4 have been writing gathering facts and information for their 'Muggles Guide to Quidditch'. Using information from the text, we were able to arrange our information under different subheading. We tried to use questions to help the reader navigate their way through our text. After gathering our information and creating our plans, we were able to write our guides. If anyone needs a quick lesson in how to play Quidditch we have the information for you! They children loved creating these information texts and being able to add their own diagram and pictures was the icing on the cake. In our SPaG lesson, we have learnt about the prefixes ir, il, in and im. These prefixes change the meaning of the word to the opposite or add not to the word.

In our Maths lessons, we have moved on to Multiplication and Division. We have covered so much this week and the children have worked so hard. We started off our week recapping and building on our knowledge of dividing by 10 and 100. Using place value grids and numberlines we showed how we could make numbers 10 and 100 times bigger. Then we moved on to use this is in multiplication and division calculations. Using our knowledge of timestables we were able to work out how calculations which were 10 or 100 times bigger made our answer 10 or 100 times bigger. For example, if 3 x 7 = 21 then 30 x 7 = 210. This has become a really useful skill to have. Next, we moved on to divide by 10 and 100. Using the same skills helped us to work out these division problems. After this, we learnt about multiplying by 1 and 0. Once learning the rule that when we multiply or divide by 1 we end up with the same answer and when multiply or divide by 0 our answer is always 0, the children were able to answer so many questions.

In our afternoons this week we have been doing more of our sewing. After practising the running stitch on Binka, we were able to have a go on material. This was much harder as there are no holes to use! So, we had to think carefully about the size of our stitch and the size of the gap we left between the stitches. Some of us then went on to use running stitch in a pattern.

In Art this week, the children have drawn their own sketches of their mythical creatures. After recapping how to create a sketch, the children were off. It was amazing to see so many interesting animals come to life. After sketching, the children were able to add water colours. Once our watercolours had dried later in the week, we used pencil colours to add shading. This added some fantastic design to our drawing.

In our Science lessons we have been learning more about electricity. We explored the electricity which we have in our homes and school. We then learnt how we have mains and battery electricity. Using pictures of household appliances, the children had to discuss whether these were powered by mains or batteries. This led into a great discussion and allowed us to think of other things which are powered by batteries and mains.

We ended our week with a wonderful trip to the theatre. It was a real trip to see The Prince and the Pauper performed in the round at the New Vic Theatre. Huge thank you to Mrs Chesters for organising this for us all.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Miss Welch

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