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Robotics and Coding Week 2019!

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We've all seen Peter Crouch celebrate by doing the robot! But this week it was Wybunbury's turn to show off their robotic skills in a brilliant week of robotics and coding! From Reception all the way up to Y6, every child at Wybunbury Delves this week has had the amazing opportunity to programme, code and explore robots through lots of exciting lessons and workshops. Take a look at what's been going on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj4K1vhi_bs

In Reception, the children worked in a carousel to use a variety of tools to learn about robots, directional language and control. They had lots of fun programming their robots to perform certain tasks and used lots of computing language along the way!

In Y1, the children used floor robots to test their programming skills! Directional language was used to ensure that the robots were programmed correctly!

In Y2, the children worked in a carousel to use a variety of tools to learn about robots, directional language and control. They used iPads to control floor robots to guide and control them around a specific map/area — whilst solving specific questions or problems along the way. The children also controlled off-screen robots using various iPad apps. The Osmo game system, Scotty Go, Dash robots, coding apps and Robo were all used by the Y2 children!

In Y3, the children built Lego models, attached various motors, sensors and even programmed them!. Throughout children were investigating logical sequencing and debugging solutions to build the best models possible!

In Y4, the children also used the LegoWEDO app to programme their Lego creations! They wrote their own programs to change the way that their robots behaved, whilst also adding in additional blocks to create different effects.

In Y5, the children learnt how to create a musical instruments as using the Scratch programming environment. The children made use of 'events' and 'conditions' as well as on-screen effects. They also used Makey Makey boards to control their musical instruments!

In Y6, the children used the Scratch programming environment to create instructions for a robot called Eve the Edbot to follow. The children used sequencing, repetition, conditions and events to ensure that their programs produce the required output from Edbot.

Thanks to HI-IMPACT and all their team for providing such fun and exciting activities!

Mr Dale

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