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Reception weekly news

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Welcome back everyone.

This week we were very excited to begin our new theme to help us in our learning: Woodland and Forest Life. We began by reading 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson and very soon discovered that it was a rhyming story with rhyming words and phrases we could repeat in our story retelling. Once we were familiar with the story we decided to turn into rhyme detectives and see how rhyme works and how the author used them in her book.

Well.... we discovered that a rhyming word came at the end of each of her sentences and that you have to read two sentences to hear the rhyming word friends. Once we discovered this we set about writing the rhyming word friends from the story to see why they rhymed. We are obviously very good rhyme detectives as we discovered that the words had the same letter sounds at the end of the words. Once we understood this we were able to play rhyme games and find rhyme patterns and make rhyming strings in our literacy jobs.

As we are fortunate to have a small woodland area at school where our fruit trees are we went out to observe the similarities and changes within nature. We knew that we are entering the season of winter as we observed the leaves falling from the trees. Some thought that they fluttered down in a similar way to the way small fish swimming in an ocean. Collecting a small amount of leaves we took them back to class and placed them against white paper and on the light box to observe the different features to help us make observational drawings of them which we then painted delicately with watercolours. I think you will agree, they look beautiful!

In PE with Mrs Swan we listened to the story of 'Leaf Man' and watched a film about leaves falling and thought about different ways we could move our body like a leaf in time to the music. We used words like 'fluttering', 'floating' and spinning to describe how we moved.

In mathematics this week we have been comparing quantities of non identical objects, saying which group of objects has more or fewer. We used non identical objects to draw out the misconception that objects must be the same to compare them. We also tried to explain our knowledge to a friend by explaining our findings in a full sentence using mathematical language for example: "This group has more objects because there are 5 in total and this group has fewer because it only has 4 objects. I know 5 is 1 more than 4!"

As we are approaching the 11th of November, we looked at why a few of us were wearing poppies and what was their significance. We understood that people wanted to remember soldiers who had died in wars fighting to protect others. Reverend Helen told us in worship, it can also help us to remember how we should behave towards others as we go through life.

When we looked up how poppies grow we discovered they like to grow in soil that has been disturbed, like the fields where the soldiers had fought and that is why is also a symbol, that something beautiful can grow out of something so terrible. We decided we would like to make some beautiful poppy pictures as our way of remembering.

And so to finish of our very busy week we had a very exciting day today coding robots!
We had five different types of robots to code and we discovered that coding really means giving a set of instructions for the robot to follow. Osmo gave us images of everyday objects that were made up of different shapes and then we showed him how to arrange them to make the picture which he then copied. If we had done it in the correct order and he was able to get it right we then progressed onto the next level.

One of our favourites was Code-a-pillar who was a robotic caterpillar which we had to attach directional instructions to his body for him to follow a path we wanted him to. He was very noisy! I think that's why we all liked him. We used the iPads to code Toca robots to build using blocks , by changing our instructions they would change the colour of the blocks, build towers and float blocks in the air if we so wished. It was huge fun and we thank Mr Dale our Computing coordinator for kindly arranging it for us.

Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs Taylor

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