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My Maths Homework

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All our children, Year 1 to year 6, are registered on to the maths website www.mymaths.co.uk. This should help them to structure their maths work and enable you to see how they are progressing. Each class is set regular homework from the site and it can be used for additional practice of areas of maths. It provides lessons, homework and games.

Your child has already been given a letter explaining how to access the materials at home.
To get to the materials you first need to log on to the site.
Go to www.mymaths.co.uk and login at the top of the homepage. If you are logging in on a tablet you need to download the app Puffin Academy and access MyMaths through the app.
Our school login is wybunbury
Our school password was on the letter sent home with your child, some children have it stuck into their orange homework book.
Each of the lessons in the library has an Online Homework. Your child will be directed to do these tasks by their teacher. On the next page your child should enter their private login and password in the pink 'My Portal' box. These are set out below. MyMaths.co.uk will then remember who they are and automatically log them in to the tasks.
Their login: (provided on the letter — a 3 digit number) Their password: (provided on the letter a short word)
If they have been set a task by their teacher the task will appear under MyTasks. They must complete both pages of the Online Homework for the scores to be saved to the database. Other activities may also appear under MyActivities. If no lessons are appearing then you have a Pop-Up Blocker installed. You MUST allow to use Pop-Ups.

You can see all their results by clicking MyResults and track their results by Level by clicking MyLevels. There is a system of Traffic Lights for each of the Tasks to indicate how successful your child has been.

If a green light appears next to a topic, they have good skills in this area.
If an amber light appears they still have difficulties.
If a red light appears they need to go back and relearn the topic. Try the Lesson again or get them to ask their teacher for help.

It will also tell you which questions your child could and couldn't do, how many times they have attempted the worksheet and when they last tried it.

You can also find tasks and lessons using the MyMaths.co.uk Library. Click Library on the left of the screen and you will see Number, Algebra, Shape and Data appear. Click on one of these titles, select a topic and click an activity. The Level of the lesson is shown as a pink number on the list. You will have the option to complete a lesson or an Online Homework. Only Online Homework tasks are recorded. You can help your child by encouraging them to visit the library and work through the lessons at their level. If you have time, you might want to work through some of the topics with them. The lessons are clear and easy to follow.

An effective strategy is to pretend that you have forgotten how to do it and ask them to show you how. Putting them in the position of "teacher" is good for their confidence and gets them to talk about their thinking.

Finally, please be aware that if you login with your child's details then anything you do will appear on their score sheet.

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