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Lighthouse Keepers' Lunch Topic Day

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Wow! What a day we have had in year 1! I think this was definitely our best topic day ever...

Children came in very excitedly and were wearing some amazing costumes. We had Mrs. Grinling's, lifeguards, summer outfits, bodyboarders, crabs, surfer dudes, sharks, Hamish the cats and even a giant mustard sandwich! It was great to see everybody so happy and all dressed up.

We put all of our yummy food on the "treat table" and there was lots of it. We want to say a big thank you to all of our parents who helped us!

We saw the sun outside and headed to our beach! We screamed when we realised that the beach was for us, it was amazing! We made sandcastles, mini-sand villages and even buried ourselves! The sun kept shining and we played football, beach ball rounders and had races.

We then went to have a play (after a quick cake or two of course). It was then time to get changed into our P.E kits, ready for the water fight of the century!

We started our water fight by playing water bomb catch, it was so funny when it splashed all over us! When then loaded up our water guns and had an epic battle of boys vs. girls. It was so funny...and very wet. Some children decided to form a rebellion and joined forces to get Mr. Dale and absolutely soak him...thanks for that! We finished our water fight with a huge water bomb fight, it was so fun (less fun picking up all of the broken water bombs of the floor though!). We put down our towels and dried off in the sun.

Lunch time was very different and we ate our lunch under the huge marquees! A big thank you to the kitchen staff who made us "Lighthouse Keepers' Lunchbags". It was lovely to see the children chatting and eating together, we have grown up so much.

After dinner we watched a little bit of "Shark Tale" and talked about the afternoon ahead. Children loved the morning so much that we decided to head back out to the beach and carry on playing. Whilst some children sat with Ruth and created their very own baby turtles, the children loved it, thank you Ruth!

After that, we carried on with Shark Tale and then saw something from our classroom window that got us very excited...an ice cream truck!!! We raced out and all queued and bought our own ice cream...yum! A big thanks to Anita, who organised the ice cream van and sand for the beach, thank you!

We have had a brilliant day in year 1. A big thank you to all the parents who brought in food, water guns, towels etc... These days wouldn't run as smoothly without your support so thank you!

We took so many photos, I've added them to a photo album for you to see >>>> https://myalbum.com/album/v1aDkxwv8OQq

It was such a brilliant day!

Mr Dale

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