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Interfaith Harmony Week 2018

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Namaste, shalom, marhaba and hello !

This week we have been celebrating 'Interfaith Harmony Week' which explores the links between the three monotheistic faiths and all the world's religions. We have thought about the shared values of "Love of God or love of the good and love of the neighbour and how we show this in our daily lives to promote harmony and tolerance to others.

As a school we have embarked on an art project to explore this theme through art and religion and how different faiths show love of God or love of neighbour.

In reception we have created several pieces of art on canvas to reflect our ideas. After drawing our ideas, we painted a base layer and then added a textured top layer of paint using a glue spreader giving it a 3D realistic effect. Reception, these look absolutely stunning!

During our Interfaith activities in year 1 we have taken the lead from Ethan who last week said, 'Love is to everybody.' I think he must have known that our theme for Interfaith Week. As we have learnt about the Jewish faith, we have thought carefully about how Jewish people show love to God. We learnt that interfaith week is all about showing we care, and linking together, so as a class we created our own hand shapes in our class colour, orange.

In year 2 we have looked at the differences between Judaism and Christianity, exploring the Torah and the fact that it is written in Hebrew and have created art to reflect love with Hebrew script. We recalled our visit from Ann Angel who taught us all about the Shabbat meal, different clothing worn and the names of religious leaders.

The focus in year 3 our has been Islam, identifying their central beliefs as well as exploring Middle Eastern art, which is repeated patterns considered to be never ending like Allah's love. Our art centers on the hand of Fatima as it is considered to be a symbol of love and a good luck symbol to ward of evil.

In Year 4 we have explored different Hindu symbols and learnt about what they represented. As a class we felt that a Lotus flower was a good way to represent love within the Hindu faith and as a result we created our own Lotus flower that had petals which showed what love meant to us.

For this years interfaith, year 5 have been exploring the Islamic Faith. We talked about what we already knew and went over some key misconceptions too. We realised that both Islam and Christianity have many similatires and shared values. Our week was focussed all around love. We learned what the Arabic symbol for love and created artwork around this.

In year 6 we have focused on Hinduism and the way Hindus show love in their faith. We produced two wonderful pieces of artwork ready to be displayed.

As a whole school we shared our learning experiences and art work in morning worship. It was lovely to see the children's pride in sharing their new found knowledge and ideas of showing love, tolerance and respect for all.

Peace and love to you all this weekend
Mrs Taylor

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