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A great first week back at preschool

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We have developed our understanding of the world this week by thinking about the role of the fire fighter and how they help to keep us safe. We knew that fire fighters helped to put out fires and have learnt that they have many other important ways to keep us safe. From water rescue, rescuing animals from floods and even fitting and maintaining smoke alarms. Remember to locate and check your smoke alarms are working this weekend for your home-link. Next week we will explore the role of the police officer.

In our mathematics we have created fire ladders, we ordered the steps 1-10 to create our ladders. We have also reinforced our shape knowledge, we used shapes to make a fire engine picture and have explored shape within our provision through play dough, the tap, tap shapes and fishing for shapes in the water. We couldn't have a fire fighter week without squirting water, we had to squirt the numbered flames and put them out — great number recognition preschool.

In our literacy we have been building on our phonics knowledge, rainbows this week have written a sentence to describe the fire engine. They used card prompts to support writing fire engine and then used their phonics knowledge to segment and blend the sounds in words — I have been very impressed! We also had a go at mirror writing the word 'ERIF FIRE' as seen on a real fire engine, it was tricky to write the word backwards but it enhanced our knowledge of letter names.

Our imaginations have been working over time this week, we have used props in abundance to pretend and reenact real life stations. Here are some examples of the language used to re create roles.

"emergency, emergency the preschool is on fire"
" quick let's put the fire out"
"Libby let me check your heart, beep, beep, beep"
"we need to rescue the cat from the tree, we need a ladder"
"I need to make you better"
"nee nawh, nee nawh, emergency!"
"I need to check your heart beat"

We have also incorporated yoga into our afternoon session each day! Yoga helps children establish healthy habits at an early age. It can enhance your child's strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem. It also promotes a sense of calmness.

Today we developed our physical skills by learning some football skills whilst helping to raise money today for the Lewis fund !

I think we all definitely need a rest this weekend!



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